Our Workplace

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DOPET provides a career progression plan for our employees and allows them to use their talent and skills to ensure that the company gets the results through improving profit and performance – our company’s matrix of success. In DOPET, our current business setting is a fast-paced, demanding and constantly evolving. Our employees continuously acquire the necessary skills so that the development of each employee cannot be left to chance. Thus, we provide a good learning and development strategy that incorporates training, so that leadership and essential skills are continually sharpened - we value leadership and empowerment to take on new challenges  to work together to achieve company’s goals.

Our employees come from different backgrounds who embrace DOPET’s culture. The career journey of our new employees commences through the Employee Induction program to understand the history of the company, vision-mission-core values, the HR policies and procedures, quality management system, and the opportunity to meeting the Management team. DOPET creates a positive impact on their employees as well as for the new recruits. As such, we cordially welcome new employees instantly to engage them to the new environment; to integrate feelings of excitement and show our appreciation for being part of DOPET family. Indeed, joining DOPET is a privileged for those who deserve!