Vessels, Tanks, Skids Fabrication & Erection


LPG Bullets installtion - Bottling Plant for QP We are leading pressure vessel manufacturer in the region. We design and manufactures pressure vessel in accordance with ASME Sec VIII, BS 5500 and also certified to manufacture Vessels with ASME 'U' Stamp Certification and is authorised to use 'R' Symbol for the repair of vessel in accordance with the provision of National Board. We are competent to design, manufacture vessels of substantial size and pressure ratings. Our plate rolling capacity is up to 50mm thick and 3 meter wide.

Our extensive range of weld procedures and a sizable number of best available coded welders give us the capability to meet our client's requirements. Latest computer software helps us to provide quick response to our Customer requirements. We use P.V. Elite of Coade Engineering Software to produce design calculations of pressure vessels and AutoCAD for the drafting services.


Sulphur Storage Tank Fabrication - Dolphin Project - Ras Laffan DOPET have designed and manufactured above ground steel tanks storing flammable and combustible liquids, chemicals in accordance with API standards. We are competent enough to design and manufacture shop fabricated and site fabricated tanks of various capacities. We use the design software ETank of Coade Engineering Software for design calculation of API tanks.


Skid - for Oxy Project DOPET is capable of manufacturing PAU’s, Skids, Pipe Racks and heavy items up to 1,000-1,500 Tones. DOPET is capable and well experienced for transporting heavy items to ports and offshore field locations.