Mcc Panel Full fledged electrical maintenance and motor rewinding workshop with advanced test equipment and machineries. Workshops and office block is built-up in approximate 800 M2 area with 600 M2 tarmac yard as work area in street-47, Salwa Industrial area. DOPET also has "Portable Containerized Workshop" which can be located at worksite to provide immediate service providing facilities for fast track or shutdown projects.

DOPET is member of AEMT - Association of Electrical Traders, UK. Our personnel have been certified for core competence to work on electrical circuits and equipment on hazardous areas including Exd, Exe, Exn & Extd as per IEC 60079 14 & 17 with regards to selection of equipment and zoning etc. With the growing demands for competence in hazardous areas, this course links in with the AEMT Module 1 Theory and Module 2 Practical courses. The course leads on to the Inspection, Maintenance, Removal and Re-installation, or Installation of equipment like motors, pumps, fans, gearboxes, etc. in hazardous areas.

We are well capable of carrying our following works with regards to Motor Overhauling & Servicing:

  • Receiving Inspections and fault findings
  • Motor Overhauling
  • Bearing Replacement
  • Armature Re-winding
  • Dynamic Balancing
  • No Load Tests etc.
  • Repair Certifications