Products & Services


Centrifugal Pumps (Horizontal & Vertical) to API/ANSI/ISO Standards. 

Metering & Dosing Pumps. (Diaphragm / AODD / Plunger). 

Induction Motors, DC Motors, Brake Induction Motors, Gear Motors, VFDs.

Offshore Water Makers.

Low Pressure/Vacuum Relief Valves, Flame Arresters, Emergency Relief Valves.

Condensate Pumps, Steam Traps, Strainers, Regulators, Plate Heat Exchangers  etc.

High Pressure Safety Relief Valves

Calorifiers, Electric Water Heaters.

Offshore RO water makers/UV systems.

Electro-Chlorination System, Onsite Chlorine generators,Electrolysers,Water/Waste water disinfection systems,Degassification units.

Hot water/Steam boilers-Three pass dry back fire tube boiler package.

Electrical heat tracing/leak detection system.

Plate/Shell & Tube heat exchangers.

Upstream Oil and Gas

Cameron Willis Chokes.

Wellhead Equipment X-mas Tree, BOPs & Choke Manifolds.

Ball Valves (Pipeline) API 6D / API 6A / Sub Sea Valves.

ESD / BFV / MOV / On-Off Ball Valves.

Centrifugal Compressors.

Reciprocating Compressors.

Liquid Ring Vacuum Compressors and Pumps.

Cameron Process Systems.


Power generation units.

Multiple joint integrity.

Remote access platforms.

Fire and Gas




Control Valves.

Butterfly Valves.

Controllers (Pneumatic).


Pressure / Regulators.

Ultrasonic Level Transmitters and Level Switches, Displacer Type.

Wireless HART Field Transmitters and Switches.

Smart Digital Valve Positioner.

Limit switches, Solenoid valves and Position Indicators.

Pressure Transmitters.

DP, Flow, Level transmitters.

Integral Manifolds.

Multivariable transmitters.

Annubar Flow Meters.

Temperature  Sensors, RTD, T/C, Thermowells.

Temperature Transmitters.

Radar, GWR type Level Instruments.

Fieldbus Interface Modules.

Liquid Analysers.

Gas Analysers.

Turbine Flow Meters, Positive Displacement Flow Meters, Ultrasonic Flow meters.

Rotameters / Variable Area Flow Meters.

Orifice Plate / Assembly.

Meter Provers.

Flow Metering Skids.

Control Systems.

RTU/SCADA  Systems, Flow computers, Metering audits/Consultancy.

Strainers, Back pressure Valves, Batch Controllers, Control valves, Card readers, Terminal automation Software.

Leak Detection Software.

Mass Flow Meters / Mag. Flow Meters / Vortex Flow Meters/Density meters.


Equipment Monitoring, Data Management, Data analysis packages comprising Infrared Thermography, Balancing, Ultrasonics, Lubrication Analysis, Smart sensors, Viscosity measurement, Motor Diagnostics.