DOPET - Emerson Service Centre at Ras Laffan

DOPET Emerson Service Centre at RLIC DOPET, in partnership with Emerson Process Management, set up a Service Center in Ras Laffan Industrial City (RLIC) in May 2012 to serve our clients within RLIC more efficiently. This facility provides comprehensive services for Fisher control valves, Delta V digital automation system, Rosemount measurement technologies and Rosemount analytical analyzers & sensors.



  • Reduced management and administration when taking valves off site.
  • Reduced transportation, reduction of risk resulting in shorter turn-around repair times.
  • Availability of dedicated and capable valve specialists at site for troubleshooting and fault finding. This will help, especially, during shutdowns where the turnaround time is very limited.
  • Ensure that the valves (Fisher) and products are correctly disassembled, serviced, repaired, installed and calibrated.DOPET Emerson Service Centre at RLIC - Inside Facilities
  • Knowledge and expertise of Fisher products features to maximize turn-around repair times.
  • Product verification and problem root cause analysis against actual loop checking and process conditions.
  • Analyze through AMS/Valve Link data the process and plant conditions to improve control performance of valves and field devices
  • Plant start-up support and configuration of valves and positioners.
  • Approved original spare parts along with special service tools and sub-assemblies available on-site
  • Attending to the damage/ repair valves in-situ with trained technicians to enable faster turnaround cycle.

DOPET and Emerson Process Management have been partners for long time who continue to strive for growth for both companies and have an active part in the Qatar Oil & Gas industry.