Workshop Services

Doha Petroleum Construction Co. Ltd. workshop yard located at New Industrial Area street-12, Doha, Qatar. Our workshop is equipped with all required machineries for drilling, pipe bending, plate bending, CNC machines, welding machines, grinding machines etc. We are following highly professional PTW (Permit to Work) system and LMRA (Last minute risk assessment) system to enhance the quality and safety parameters to our staffs & Customers. A Professional SAP system is used to monitoring the real time progress and productivity of all our Jobs. We are following all the major international standards (ASME, API, AWWA, ASTM etc.) to meet all our client requirements.





Pipe Fabrication is one of our core capabilities. Our shops and fabrication facilities are filled with highly skilled craftsmen, pipefitters, pipe fabricators, pipe welders with excellent safety and quality performance records. Greater quality, efficiency and ultimately, significant cost savings for customers. We take great pride in not only meeting, but exceeding our customers’ expectations in all areas, including performance, design, logistics, schedule, delivery, and cost.
Major Type of Piping materials are as follows: –

  • Carbon Steel
  • Alloy Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Austenic Stainless Steel
  • CuNi Alloy Steel Fabrication etc.


Our Steel Fabrication Facility specializes in the manufacture of fabricated steel products for large and small infrastructure projects. Our Steel Fabrication Facility operations are underpinned by effective management systems which have been adopted from the requirements of ISO9001, ISO14001, OHSAS-18001 and LR for safety, quality, and environmental management.
Major Type of Structural fabrications are: –

  • Pipe Rack Fabrication
  • Heavy and Medium Platforms Fabrication
  • Supports, Steel Racks, Ladders etc.
  • Secondary Supports


DOPET, provides professional vessel fabrication services that are designed to meet international standards in quality and structural stability. we can deliver a comprehensive range of fabrication solutions covering the entire application spectrum, from the construction industry to the manufacturing sector.
We have a team of in-house engineers, fabrication specialists, designers, and project managers enabling us to handle and process projects from start to finish. This allows us to deliver completely streamlined and uniform services to our clients, ensuring quality and structural integrity.
We deliver storage and fabrication solutions for a variety of applications, including chemical, petrochemical, petroleum, and water.
Type of Vessels are: –

  • ASME Vessels
  • Non ASME Vessels
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Tanks etc.


Our shops are equipped with the most modern state of the art welding equipment on the market, enabling us to provide very competitive pricing for our customers. Welding processes of GTAW commonly known as tig welding, GMAW-Short Arc and PULSE known as MIG welding, SMAW referred to as shielded metal arc welding, FCAW is known also as flux core welding, SAW is submerged arc welding are all used in our facilities for broad application, diversity, and fabrication.
If your equipment, pipeline, or structures require welding services, DOPET will minimize downtime and delivers high-quality work that meets ASME as well as US standards. Our welders are skilled and experienced in a variety of welding services including hot work, field, and structural fabrication as well as highly specialized services like precision welding.
Type of welding are –

  • TIG Welding – Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Stick Welding – Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Submerge Arc Welding (SAW)
  • Flux Welding – Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • MIG Welding – Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)


Hydrostatic testing is the most common procedure used to qualify newly manufactured cylinders, spheres, tubes, and pipe spools to identify any leakages in the specific joints. DOPET having a well designated place to do the Hydro test services inside the campus and good professionals to keep the activity within the standards and limits. Our Proof load Testing is accredited and approved by the below Third-party inspection service providers followed by our internal professionals.



DOPET having well designated covered area for the specific painting and blasting services. Having Auto-mechanized sandblasting facility for good quality and environment friendly services.
Sandblasting is done by highly specialized equipment consisting of a chamber where sand and air is mixed before traveling through a nozzle and blasting a workpiece or surface at high-speed. DOPET Industrial Services can deliver the best blasting services in the Doha, Qatar area.
DOPET has been offering exemplary industrial painting services for almost a decade now. We have been preparing, coating, and painting warehouses, and many other facilities and structures. Our all-fabricated items are blasted and painted in-house designated painting facility with the required client painting specification and delivered to site with proper preservation.

Valve Maintenance Shop


Street 25 Salwa Industrial Area Service Center


Covered area  = 600 m2, 10T overhead crane, We can service isolation valves

DOPET Valve Workshop Inside View


Ras Laffan (RLIC) Service Centre


In partnership with Emerson : Covered area = 500 m2, 8T overhead crane.

RLIC Service Center



DOPET has specialized valve repair shop for repairing all types of valves


Ball Valve, Gate Valve
Globe Valve, Check Valve
Choke Valve
Butterfly Valve
Needle Valves
Control Valve
ESDV, SDV, MOV, Hyd. op
Dual Plate Check Valve
DBB, Penstock, ACV
150# to 2500# up to 42”
150# to 2500# up to 24”
150# to 2500# up to 12”
150# to 2500#up to 60”
Up to 10000PsiG
150# to 2500# up to 36”
150# to 2500# up to 42”
150# to 2500#
Any size
Conventional SRV
SRV with Bellows
Pilot Operated SRV
Pilot Op Vacuum Valve
Tank Valves
Size: Up to 18”
Size: Up to 18”
Size: Up to 18”
Size: Up to 24”
Any Size
Size: Up to 24”
Size: Up to 24”
Up to 10000Psig In Water
Up to 5000Psig


DOPET Workshop is well equipped to carry out following activities.

  • Dismantling and cleaning of valves
  • Visual and dimensional inspection
  • HP water jetting
  • Machining and lapping
  • Grit blasting / Spray painting
  • Lathe and boring machines
  • Valve Grinding and lapping machines
  • Assembling and pressure testing
  • Hydro test pumps and chart recorders
  • Gas boosters and Rota meters
  • Control valve and PSV testing machines
  • Calibration of Control Valve Positioners
  • Online PSV Calibration (In-site testing machine)
  • Portable lapping/grinding Machine
  • Offshore & Onshore mobilization of valve technician
  • Hydrostatic testing of Fabricated Spools & vessels
  • Final painting



CV Calibration by using HART


Testing of ESDV Valve


Valve Leak Testing in Progress


Dismantling of Actuator



Ball Valve Dismantled


64” BFV Testing



Dismantling of Valve


Measure and Record details


PSV Testing on Computerized Machine



Computerized Testing Control/Stop Valves


Inside View with Crane


Lathe Machine


RV Computerized Testing



Computerized Test Set Up


Mobile Workshop


Mobile WS with Crane


Online PSV/RV Test Facility

  • It is compact in size. Very easy to carry to work at height
  • Mounting on the valve is very comfortable without disturbing the Set pressure
  • Set pressure verified online without stopping the process
  • Operating Limits 0.01KN TO 50 KN
  • It suits to all manufacturer and any size of RVs

Online PSV Test

Covered Machine Shop with an area of 1,050 m2 with 5T overhead crane.
We provide the following machining services: 14” Hollow Spindle CNC Lathe Machines, Lathes (6” to 24”), Horizontal Boring Machines, 60” Vertical Boring Machines, Radial Drilling Machines, Mechanical Press, Shapers, Milling Machines, Saws
Our high precision machining services include API 5CT, API 6A, API 7-1 & API 16A products, Premium Connections & Well Tubing and Casing Threads

With over 12 years proven experience within the Electric Motor repair industry, Doha Petroleum are proud to be recognized as the ‘Best in the Business’ when it comes to High and Low Voltage Electric Ex and Non-Ex Motor Repairs. Our purpose-built unit offers a unique facility specially designed to complete repairs up to 16MW motors and high voltages performance test run up to 14.4 KV. Our aim is to provide our customers with the support they need to maintain their plant during breakdowns and planned maintenance. Our commitment to re-invest means we can repair at the most competitive prices within the industry.


Our workshop is based in Salwa Industrial area, Doha, Qatar well-equipped to service rotating machinery equipment (Motors and Pumps) with a quick turnaround time. We meet ISO 14001, 45001 and IECEx service standard requirements. We are certified member of AEMT and EASA and provides repair service as per IEC 60079-19. We currently perform round the clock services for major clients (Qatar Petroleum QP, Qatar Fuel Additives Company QAFAC, WOQOD, Mesaieed Power, GE field core, Samsung) in Qatar.

  • Large High Voltage motors rewinding and overhauling
  • High Voltage motors rewinding and overhauling
  • No Load test tun up to 14.4 KV voltage rated
  • Reliability and Vibration Analysis
  • Dynamic Balancing of Rotors
  • Core loss testing, Hot spot tests & Rotor/Armature testing
  • 15KV Partial Discharge testing and Surge Testing
  • All DC tests (IR, PI, PA, DC step) and RLC capabilities



High Voltage Motor services

We undertake HV motor overhauls, repair and rewind services rated upto 16MW and 14.4KV. Each motor is repaired upto highest standard and in accordance with ISO and AEMT standards. All documentation and traceability is available for customer inspection upon

Pump Refurbishment services

We are renowned specialist in repairing, refurbishing, and overhauling industrial pumps to increase productivity and longevity of your equipment. We also hold a spares stock of mechanical seals, bearings and gaskets to ensure a fast repair turnaround.

Maintenance and Site support

Our highly skilled team of time-served engineers can provide on-site support during breakdowns and planned maintenance programs. We always deliver exemplary performance and adhere to strict company quality and HSE regulations.

Accurate Calibration Services for Instruments, Test Meters & Gauges
Our ISO 17025 accredited calibration laboratory is able to facilitate the calibration of a wide variety of testers ranging from electrical meters, such as multimeters and clamp meters, to specific testers such as barometers, vacuum gauges, anemometers, digital thermometers and much more. We also calibrate several tools including torque screwdrivers and wrenches, steel rules, theodolites and vernier calipers. DOPET is certified to carry out calibration services for a wide range of instruments, (pneumatic to smart type), with the following ranges: Pressure -0.8 to 20 bar pneumatic & 0 to 1,400 bar hydraulic, Temperature -350C to 1,1000C, Thermocouple calibrator -2000C to 1,3700C


Dimensional Calibration
Gauge Calibration – Tool Calibration – Mechanical Calibration
Our accredited dimensional calibration laboratory caters for standard mechanical gauge and tool calibration, such as micrometer calibration, thread gauge calibration, or calibration of gauge blocks.


Electrical Calibration
Meter Calibration – Tester Calibration – Electrical Stds
With an electrical calibration capability on frequency up to 20GHz, voltage up to 40kVDC and current up to 1000ADC, we can provide calibration on most types of DC or LF electrical tester or meter, from handheld field instruments to laboratory standards.

Bench type equipment such as counter timers, long scale multimeters, oscilloscopes and power supplies are also covered by our electrical accreditation.


Force Calibration
Force Gauge, Load Cell, Scales and Weight Calibration Services
In our calibration laboratory for mass we can weigh dead-weight tester masses from 0.1g to 20kg with uncertainties of 0.5mg, 15mg and 0.0003 % of reading, depending on the mass range. For the calibration, in our calibration laboratory, we only ever use high-accuracy electronic mass comparators and reference weights.


Pressure Calibration
Pressure Gauge Calibration – Instrument Calibration Services
In our calibration laboratory for pressure we calibrate measuring instruments in the measuring range from 10 mbar absolute … +5,000 bar gauge with uncertainties of 0.004 % … 0.01 % of reading, depending on the pressure range. For the calibration, in our calibration laboratory, we only ever use high-accuracy references such as dead-weight testers, digital piston gauges and pressure controllers.

For dead-weight testers we offer two types of calibration – ‘pressure equivalent calibration’ where we compare the pressure generated by a dead-weight tester against a reference standard at a number of points over the range or ‘area calibration’ where we determine the effective area of the piston-cylinder unit over the range of the instrument.


Temperature Calibration
Contact Thermometer and Infrared Thermometer Calibration
Our temperature laboratory uses a range of reference platinum resistance thermometers, noble metal thermocouples, stirred liquid baths, specially designed isothermal calibration furnaces and black body sources to provide a comprehensive facility for cost effective thermometer calibration or temperature probe calibration over the range -80ºC to 1,200ºC. We can even calibrate temperature sources such a dry block calibrators or calibration baths.


Torque Calibration
Torque Wrench Calibration – Torque Tool or Meter Calibration
Regular torque tool calibration ensures repeatable accuracy and adherence to international standards. In addition to torque wrench and screwdriver calibration we also calibrate a wide range of other equipment’s like torque closure meters, analyzers etc.