Reliability products

Emerson offers a variety of asset management and condition indicator technologies specific to the nature and criticality of production assets. Asset management solutions to improve availability, profitability, and safety

Products Include

  • Field Device Management – Uses smart field device diagnostics to drive reliability goals

Emerson’s portfolio of handheld field communicators are rugged, reliable, and intrinsically safe. Predictive diagnostics from field devices enable you to keep these devices configured, calibrated, and operating effectively, protecting the reliability of your production equipment. The AMS asset management software uses predictive intelligence to improve the availability and performance of key production assets.

  • Machinery Health Management – Apply predictive intelligence and protection capabilities to rotating equipment to improve reliability.

Emerson offers a wide range of monitoring solutions to address the criticality of your assets and
the specific application or industry they serve. Prediction and protection technologies improve
reliability in the plant. Applying predictive intelligence to determine asset health, you can reduce
scheduled and unscheduled downtime, drive down maintenance costs and increase safety and

  • Asset Monitoring – Make informed decisions based on the health, performance, and condition of your production assets.

Assets that are properly cared for will last significantly longer than those that are mistreated. Capital funds used to replace worn-out equipment could be deployed elsewhere for the good of the business. A reliability focus can yield higher asset efficiencies — or in other words — the assets are productive for a longer period of time. With asset monitoring, make decisions that are informed by existing conditions and experience to improve the output of your existing equipment, systems, and applications.