Control Systems

Emerson delivers control and safety systems to help provide a safer, more environmentally efficient manufacturing process. With a complete system offering – from distributed control systems to safety instrumented systems – Emerson’s superior technology combined with industry-specific engineering, consulting, project management and maintenance services improves your operations in an easy, intuitive, and interoperable way.

Products Include

  • Distributed Controlled Systems (DCS)
  • Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS)
  • Programmable Automation Control Systems (PAC/PLC)
  • Lifecycle Services

DCS – Emerson’s DCS deliver the decision integrity to run your operations at its full potential. Emerson combines ease of use, full-scale control capabilities, and powerful system integration to deliver a reliable DCS offering that simplifies complex operations and increases productivity.

SIS – The DeltaV SIS takes a modern approach to increase safety integrity while improving process availability. The proven DeltaV SIS continuously monitors your plant’s safety devices’ status and diagnoses the health of the entire safety loop–dramatically reducing your risk.

PLC/ PAC – Emerson’s high-performance PAC systems connect to the industrial internet to drive smarter and more efficient outcomes. Emerson’s PAC systems offer a single, scalable solution to deliver safe, secure communication between real-time deterministic controls and non-deterministic applications to analyze and optimize your operations, maximizing productivity and minimizing downtime.

Lifecycle Services – Emerson Lifecycle Services provides customers with the expertise, technology and processes that can help you operate safely, improve asset reliability, and optimize process capabilities. Our maintenance services keep your plant operating safely, consistently, and economically. Improve your asset reliability and preserve your investment by utilizing our reliability services. And optimize your plant performance and achieve your business goals with our performance services.